North Myrtle Beach's Premier Country Club

The Surf Golf and Beach Club began with the vision of two good friends, Tom Roberts and Roy Harrelson. Realizing the need for a golf course they contacted Charlie Tilghman who was in the process of developing property his family owned in the area. These three gentlemen contacted Bill Hussey and they all drove to the Tilghman proposed development.

After walking the estate, they stood where the present Clubhouse is located and made the decision that this was the spot where the golf course should be located. They then enlisted other citizens to join in this venture and on July 20, 1959 made a formal declaration of incorporation of The Surf Golf and Beach Club. George Cobb, one of the outstanding golf architects, was hired on August 15, 1959 to design the course.

The course opened for play in August 1960. The course was renovated in 1992 by John LaFoy.